Monday, September 17, 2012

Storyline: Jesse

I remember the first time I saw him was when he was said to have been blamed for the Manila Hostage Crisis. He was already the DILG Secretary that time so I was oblivious to what he was as mayor of Naga.

Through this episode of Storyline which I believe is a replay/edited version of an episode when they interviewed him, as well as other stories from people who knew him, I can say that he is a big loss to the country.

What I really liked is how how to says that the city's achievements are not only by him, but by the people. I noticed he kept on saying this over and over, that he owes a lot to them and really believes in them.
The most important ingredient of leadership is character. Most of the proficiencies can be learned. But what's inside you is something that's difficult to change. - Secretary Jesse Robredo

What the country needs first and foremost is someone who has true intentions of serving the people. Not just leading them but serving them which can mean sacrifices and a certain amount of knowledge to help the people in this difficult times.

Thank you for being such an inspiration. Rest in peace.

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