Tuesday, September 11, 2012

KFC Cheese Top Burger!

image from www.KFC.com.ph

I think the hype for this kinda long and gone, but I did try this thing like a few days after it became available. I actually found about it first from a post in 9GAG

And it wasn't that bad. Its actually pretty tasty for a 50 Php meal. (burger + drink) I noticed the cheese was really thin and its like glued on the bun, like its one with the thing. It looked really fascinating and neat in a way lol. But it really did taste so good. I even ordered fries to get a real burger meal going.

All in all, its a steal for its price and a tasty treat. I enjoy all the posts that make fun of it online though. I actually thought it was a brilliant marketing strategy because people are really gonna talk about it mainly just because of how it looks.

No matter what anyone else says though, I love the Cheese Top and might even order one later. :P

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