Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hipon - Sir Rex Kantatero ft. Shehyee (Payphone Parody)

Laughed my ass off when I first saw this, was also impressed with the quality of the video.

But I got to admit I kinda felt sorry for the girl, I mean its a good thing she agreed to this. Must be tough to go out now lol. (you know what, that Hipon kinda looked like one of my aunts :x)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

What is Philippine Action?

Being an action movie buff, not to mention someone who enjoys cool ways of kicking someone's ass, I've already seen a lot of different action movies. May it be mainstream western ones or asian ones, I think I've already seen a fair share of them and still on the look out for more.

Made me wonder though, has the Filipino made itself known when it comes to action movies? I mean if its about martial arts I think we can say that we do have our own
styles but were we able to showcase that in a locally made movie?

Its no brainer that asian martial arts has been popular in the action movie genre, and its an effective way to share asian culture and history to the rest of the world.

Some of my favorites:

Ip Man - Wing Chun (Chinese)

Ong Bak - Muay Thai (Thailand)

The Raid: Redemprion - Pencak Silat (Indonesia)

Maybe there's a cool Filipino action movie out there that I haven't seen yet, (you can leave a comment if you know any) or maybe this is the best we could offer. D:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Silent Sanctuary - Hiling

Hihiling kahit dumilim ang aking daan na tatahakin patungo sayo.
So I just got back on listening to this again and also watched its beautiful music video. I really think its one of the best opm music videos I've ever seen.

I'm a sucker for music videos with a story in it and I really like how each scene suited the lines of the song. Seriously, whenever it gets to the bridge, I still find myself crying sometimes. Its just that moving.

One thing though, until know I'm still not sure about the ending. So was the girl pregnant with the guy but she hid the truth so he won't stop from studying/working abroad? or was she pregnant with another guy?

Either way, still painful and bitter sweet since they chose to part ways in the end. :(

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Franco - Song For The Suspect @ Myx Live

Considered as a super band because it consists of a members from different established bands, Franco's progressive sound can be called unique. Also, for me Franco Reyes' voice is just so smooth and addicting.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

MRT-3, why are you doing this to me?

I dunno what the hell is wrong but it seems MRT-3 has been having a shortage of Stored-Value Tickets since last week. I tried to get a new one last Saturday but they said they're not available. And its been like that for the past four days. Its already getting on my nerves.

I hope they get this thing fixed as soon as possible though. They already stopped the alternative ticketing system since 2009,(G-Pass and Smart Money Pay Pass) maybe its time for a new one. Well I read stuff about it just now and it seems the bidding for a single ticketing system has been stopped by the government. Also, as mentioned from this news report, they said they now have funds for purchasing five additional trains this year. Damn, I hope they get those out soon.

You know, if raising the fare would mean getting a better service then I'm really up for it now. I dunno about you guys.

EDIT: found a news article which explains this

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pike Ramirez - Kayod Kabayo

If you guys watch Storyline often like me then you probably noticed that this song plays as an insert song on some episodes.

The simplicity of the song, with just the guitar and vocals really works with the mood of the show. Its really haunting. I really wish I could get my hands on the full version though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Online Libel: A threat to internet freedom?

New law punishes hacking, online libel, Internet child porn
from: GMA News Online

So this has been a hot topic lately and wow just in time, a law just got signed for great justice!

Now I'm not gonna talk about hacking (which is still cool) or child porn, because we all know know those are pure evil. But more about online libel, because I think some people could abuse it or ruin some people's fun.

But what is libel anyway?
A libel is a malicious, false statement in written media, a broadcast, or otherwise published words.
Ok, so a malicious, false statement, which means something that intends to do harm. But what about those posts meant for shits and giggles?

This is what I'm a bit concerned about. Like if someone tells you online that you look like a dinasour, its not just about that someone who made the false statement. Its also about the people who view it online. People should know when to laugh/shrug it off and when to take it seriously. Like this Cyberbullying thing that was mentioned in this article. If I saw a poster like that online I'd first think it was just there for a prank. Its the age of Photoshop after all. I get that not all people know about it, but hey now you know! Although in my opinion that's one tasteless troll.

I just think that people online should have this certain awareness that these things happen and they should think twice whether to believe it or not. This kinda reminds me of that certain celebrity's war against Encyclopedia Dramatica. That was really gold lol.

But I'm not saying that having fun is good entirely. I mean there are those posts which are really meant to attack people, or tasteless comments that are only thrown because of misplaced emotions. Now that's not playing nice anymore.

The problem is though, it seems its up to the lawyers what constitutes to online libel. I mean what if the lawyer doesn't get the meme lol.

I think the intention of this law is good. It just reminds people to be even more responsible to what they do online. But I'm just saying, that the internet has already been a breeding ground of attention whores who try to be funny. So check first if its legit or not.

Pepsi Pogi: Not as pogi as I expected

Finally found a place where they have this blonde Pepsi so I checked it out.

So what can I say, smelling it at first I kinda thought it would taste like orange. Took my first sip and I found out was right. Its something like a weak Royal taste with an apple flavor kinda like after taste. Gulped the whole thing and it wasn't that memorable.

I liked Pepsi Twist more, which was that Pepsi which had that lemon taste. This Pepsi was not as pogi as the commercial suggested, "may itsura lang."

Monday, September 17, 2012

Karl Villuga - Bawat Hakbang

The winner of this year's Philpop Music Festival which seems to have been questioned since it is said to have violated the rules of the competition.

But you know what, its not about that right now. I just think its a good song, which reminds me to get my hands on the Philpop album soon.

Storyline: Jesse

I remember the first time I saw him was when he was said to have been blamed for the Manila Hostage Crisis. He was already the DILG Secretary that time so I was oblivious to what he was as mayor of Naga.

Through this episode of Storyline which I believe is a replay/edited version of an episode when they interviewed him, as well as other stories from people who knew him, I can say that he is a big loss to the country.

What I really liked is how how to says that the city's achievements are not only by him, but by the people. I noticed he kept on saying this over and over, that he owes a lot to them and really believes in them.
The most important ingredient of leadership is character. Most of the proficiencies can be learned. But what's inside you is something that's difficult to change. - Secretary Jesse Robredo

What the country needs first and foremost is someone who has true intentions of serving the people. Not just leading them but serving them which can mean sacrifices and a certain amount of knowledge to help the people in this difficult times.

Thank you for being such an inspiration. Rest in peace.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

American Idol 11 | Phillip Phillips - Volcano

To be honest, Philip was never my favorite. I liked the fact that he always held a guitar though, its a thing for me I guess.

But when I saw this performance, I was completely awed. It was totally the most defining performance of the season. His vocals was just perfect for the song. Even until now when I listen to this, my ears still enjoys how much soul he has put on this version. I even checked the original one by Damien Rice and I can say that I like Philip's version more.

If he's up to doing soulful songs like this in the future then I might have to keep an eye out for him.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Word of the Lourd: Tsinelas

I never really got into those Havaianas, they always looked like just fancy pricey slippers to me. I remember owning a pair of Highlander slippers though. It cost around 300 Php which I bought in the market near our place. Those babies went through a lot and lasted for 3 years.

Tower Sessions | Wolfgang - Sandata S02E08

I was totally blown away by this performance. You have no idea how much I missed those sweet and powerful vocals of Basti Artadi.

That part of the song where it sped up and the riff was just all over the place, I found myself headbanging uncontrollably. And if its headbang worthy, then yes, its one hell of a song!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

When allergy strikes, try Alerta

Now I'm one of those poor unfortunate souls who's allergic to dust and God knows what else. Its really annoying when I'm in the middle of something important or sometimes in a public place and suddenly my nose gets runny and I start sneezing uncontrollably.

I've tried other anti-histamine drugs before but for some reason, they work for a time and my allergy comes back. Sometimes the drug works but makes me really sleepy which I think is a side effect. Now that won't do, especially if I'm at work!

Just recently, I tried Alerta and seems to be right for the job. It instantly takes my sneezing away and doesn't seem to make me want to hug my pillow.

If you have allergies like me, I suggest on trying Alerta. It retails at P12.75 a tablet in Mercury Drugstore.

The Bourne Legacy was shot in Thailand?

Now Jeremy Jahns is one of my favorite youtube movie/game reviewers and I regularly check his stuff every now and then. He's always up making fun of everything he sees in a movie so when I found out he did a review of Bourne Legacy, I got a bit excited to see what he has to say.

Now if you're cool and watched that in full, you probably get it by now. If not, check out around 02:35.

Its no big deal really, but hey just a thought. Maybe even with Manny Pacquiao around, our race is still not that famous enough on this planet.

Regine Velasquez & Vice Ganda - Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (Mr. & Mrs. A Concert)

You really gotta give credit to Vice Ganda. I think this was when he guested in one of Ogie Alacasid and Regine Velasquez' concert. Its really funny even if I already seen this for the nth time.

Ely Buendia - Lightyears [Acoustic Version]

just stumbled upon this video and it was an instant treat! Seems this one is a live jam session on some radio station. You get to see Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms too, doing some guitar and back up vocals.

Its a known fact that the Itchyworms are big Ehead fans so it was funny to see Jugs telling Ely what chord he was supposed to play lol.

Storyline: Gospel Plug

seems this episode would be about the controversial RH Bill. Can't wait to watch this on Friday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Exclusive Interview with Ebe Dancel

I've always wondered how Sugarfree's former front-man, Ebe Dancel found his way back to the music scene after the band's breakup. Well he talks about that here on this interview, as well as what really happened which led to him parting ways with his former band mates.

Cheche Lazaro Presents: Plastic Ka

So finally got to watch this episode of Cheche Lazaro Presents which talks about the country's problem with plastic. If you missed watching it last Sunday, you can watch it in iWantv if you're a premium user like me.

Now watching the show was a real eye-opener for me, not to mention a real rush since all these information just comes in really fast. I actually found myself changing sides multiple times, it was crazy! Which just shows that this is a serious and delicate issue which affects us all.

While watching the show I took down some points which really got my mind going.

  • Its hard to believe that the raw material (or a considerable amount) for plastic leeches on food because if it does, people would've banned it a long time ago.
  • The plastic is a good invention meant not to decompose for a long time which is one of its desirable characteristics. The people on the other hand, who misuse it makes that characteric undesirable at the same time.
  • The thing that they're planning in Quezon City with the whole "Green Fund" thing, which businesses would get from selling plastic if the customer prefers that, would be really hard to implement.

In the end it all comes down to us on how we use plastic responsibly. I for one, plan to do things at home differently from now on. As the Congressman said in the show though, discipline takes time and we need to get this thing settled soon because our streets always gets flooded.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

KFC Cheese Top Burger!

image from

I think the hype for this kinda long and gone, but I did try this thing like a few days after it became available. I actually found about it first from a post in 9GAG

And it wasn't that bad. Its actually pretty tasty for a 50 Php meal. (burger + drink) I noticed the cheese was really thin and its like glued on the bun, like its one with the thing. It looked really fascinating and neat in a way lol. But it really did taste so good. I even ordered fries to get a real burger meal going.

All in all, its a steal for its price and a tasty treat. I enjoy all the posts that make fun of it online though. I actually thought it was a brilliant marketing strategy because people are really gonna talk about it mainly just because of how it looks.

No matter what anyone else says though, I love the Cheese Top and might even order one later. :P

Precision Bass vs Jazz Bass

So I've been thinking of getting myself a new bass guitar. after I save enough money by not eating for a month. I've used a couple of different models already but all of them were just borrowed so I haven't really checked them out in detail. Usually I just make sure I get the best sound from them.

Looking up stuff online, it seems there are two definitive models where you can start from and I found this video that pretty much compares the two.

Do you guys remember Jocelyn Enriquez?

So for some reason I got reminded of the song, Do You miss Me? by Jocelyn Enriquez It was one of those dance hits during the 90's. And suddenly I was like, "Wow, I wonder what happened to her."

if you guys are too young or too old to remember, here's a part of her Wikipedia entry.
Jocelyn Enriquez (born December 28, 1974) is a dance-pop and freestyle singer from San Francisco. She is of Filipino descent; her parents are from the province of Pangasinan.

I remember she went back here in the Philippines way back before to promote her stuff. Not really sure what happened to her after all that but her wiki says..
Jocelyn Enriquez is now married and a mother of three. She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. Jocelyn will be expecting her fourth child in August 2010.

The Royal - Airport Song | Tower Sessions S01E01

The song that I can't get off my mind. One of major reasons is that its the theme song for the show itself. All in all is an easy going tune that is nice to listen to when you're driving or travelling.

Akai Professional's EWI4000 Electric Wind Instrument

Now this is one cool toy! Basically its a wind instrument but you get a lot of cool sounds with it. Check out this baby in action below!

This already available at JB Music and they even have an going promo price for it!

taken from the JBMusicPH facebook page

Monday, September 10, 2012

JB Music: Trade In Madness

omg this just in, I wonder if I have stuff I can trade. D:

Get your old stuff out and trade them in for a 35% discount!

JB Music Philippines brings you the TRADE IN MADNESS! Check out the image for further information.

Promo runs from today, September 10 to September 30, 2012 only!

taken from the JBMusicPH facebook page

As mentioned, its for a good cause so don't hesitate to trade in your stuff guys!

SM Cinema: Korean Film Festival 2012

Wow! Didn't know they actually do this in SM Cinema too. I'm familiar with the French and Japanese Film Festival held every year in Shangrila but not this one.

Well the good thing is, its also Free Admission. The bad thing though its in SM so expect that there would be tons people who would line up for tickets. But don't let that get you down! The best thing to do is to get there early.

Be sure to check out for more details.

JB Music Live Sessions

So it seems JB Music is planning on doing their own live sessions. This is a great opportunity for Philippine unsigned bands!

It's not yet too late! Submit your band profile and demo to and be featured in one of the 12 episodes featuring the country's most talented unsigned bands!

Follow this link to know how to join:

Check out Fansilog, the official videographer of JB Music Live Sessions.

Submission of entries has been extended up to September 15, 2012!
taken from the JBMusicPH facebook page

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Storyline: Tiwala

Saw this episode of Storyline the other day. Basically its a story of a blind runner and how he found his happiness in spite of his condition.

The thing is, obviously he wasn't alone. Its inspiring since someone believed in what he can do and really took the time to teacn him.

If you wanna watch this episode online, get yourself an IWantv account. Its easy enough and its free! (for two back episodes only)

Missing Babalu & Dolphy

In my opinion there are two most prominent comedic style in the Philppines. Green jokes and Slapstick. There's that other where you kinda make fun of another person like what Vice Ganda does, but I think that only came in around a few years ago.

But when it comes to Slapstick and situational comedy, Dolphy and Babalu were definitely one of the best. I grew up watching them and I can say that even watching their stuff now makes me laugh. I can't say I particularly remember this movie, but this clip is funny as hell.

Tower Sessions | December Avenue - Sleep Tonight S02E06

I've been really excited to check out every new episode of Tower Sessions Season 2 on their youtube channel, and this is definitely one of my favorite performances.

I first heard about December Avenue from my brothers who were listening to one of their songs called, Dahan. The vocalist's (Zel Bautista) voice is really something. Excellent range, good control and overall quality, so I was instantly hooked.

Seems this song that they performed, Sleep Tonight has been around for a while, and is available for download online. But the thing is, I like this live version more than the studio one. For me its like night and day.

Word of the Lourd: Bagong Olympic Events

Some additions:
- Olympic Swearing
- Olympic Texting
- Olympic Baby-making
- Olympic Karaoke

On a serious note, its really tough for Filipinos to win in the Olympics for the obvious reason that the government's lack of support.

I have a relative who's an athlete and it seems even some the people in those institutions are corrupt, so that's another thing I guess.

I watched in a documentary once and it said that most Filipinos are malnourished which results in the lack of height, weight and stamina. But that really doesn't mean that we can't make it you know. I think the key is to find which sport we can really excel in and support our athletes on their training, simple as that.