Thursday, September 20, 2012

MRT-3, why are you doing this to me?

I dunno what the hell is wrong but it seems MRT-3 has been having a shortage of Stored-Value Tickets since last week. I tried to get a new one last Saturday but they said they're not available. And its been like that for the past four days. Its already getting on my nerves.

I hope they get this thing fixed as soon as possible though. They already stopped the alternative ticketing system since 2009,(G-Pass and Smart Money Pay Pass) maybe its time for a new one. Well I read stuff about it just now and it seems the bidding for a single ticketing system has been stopped by the government. Also, as mentioned from this news report, they said they now have funds for purchasing five additional trains this year. Damn, I hope they get those out soon.

You know, if raising the fare would mean getting a better service then I'm really up for it now. I dunno about you guys.

EDIT: found a news article which explains this

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