Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you guys remember Jocelyn Enriquez?

So for some reason I got reminded of the song, Do You miss Me? by Jocelyn Enriquez It was one of those dance hits during the 90's. And suddenly I was like, "Wow, I wonder what happened to her."

if you guys are too young or too old to remember, here's a part of her Wikipedia entry.
Jocelyn Enriquez (born December 28, 1974) is a dance-pop and freestyle singer from San Francisco. She is of Filipino descent; her parents are from the province of Pangasinan.

I remember she went back here in the Philippines way back before to promote her stuff. Not really sure what happened to her after all that but her wiki says..
Jocelyn Enriquez is now married and a mother of three. She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. Jocelyn will be expecting her fourth child in August 2010.

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