Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cheche Lazaro Presents: Plastic Ka

So finally got to watch this episode of Cheche Lazaro Presents which talks about the country's problem with plastic. If you missed watching it last Sunday, you can watch it in iWantv if you're a premium user like me.

Now watching the show was a real eye-opener for me, not to mention a real rush since all these information just comes in really fast. I actually found myself changing sides multiple times, it was crazy! Which just shows that this is a serious and delicate issue which affects us all.

While watching the show I took down some points which really got my mind going.

  • Its hard to believe that the raw material (or a considerable amount) for plastic leeches on food because if it does, people would've banned it a long time ago.
  • The plastic is a good invention meant not to decompose for a long time which is one of its desirable characteristics. The people on the other hand, who misuse it makes that characteric undesirable at the same time.
  • The thing that they're planning in Quezon City with the whole "Green Fund" thing, which businesses would get from selling plastic if the customer prefers that, would be really hard to implement.

In the end it all comes down to us on how we use plastic responsibly. I for one, plan to do things at home differently from now on. As the Congressman said in the show though, discipline takes time and we need to get this thing settled soon because our streets always gets flooded.

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